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Adobe Lightroom. Without the proper tools photo organization and processing can be a nightmare. The most important and incredible tool in my arsenal is Adobe’s Photoshop Lightroom.

For me, it is my must have program. It is the hub of all my photography work.

All my photographs are imported onto my hard drives using Lightroom. It is imperative to take this step in order to properly organize and search for the thousands of photographs you will accumulate. Make sure that you use keywords to best categorize your photos. I use basic keywords at the time of import to provide simple structure. When it comes time to view my photos I will add additional keywords at that time. For example, when I got to my hotel room after a day of shooting in Bagan, I placed the memory card into my laptop and imported the photos using Lightroom. Before I clicked the import button I used the simple keywords Bagan, Burma, Myanmar. Adobe Lightroom automatically attributes date, time and photo shooting settings. Once I work through the photos that I imported I will then add tags such as landscape, pagoda, hay wagon, etc. All of the photographs can be further saved into collection in Lightroom. So if you visit various cities in a country you can save a collection of each city you visited. You can also create a collection using keywords. Just simply click smart collection and use the keyword “tree” for example. Any photo that you tagged with the word “tree” will appear in that collection.

Click here to see a video of this in action!

The second wonderful feature of Lightroom is its photo editing capability. Since Lightroom was released it has constantly become a more and more powerful photo editor. It works similarly to the photo raw editor in Photoshop. But it goes beyond that. In fact, the latest edition Lightroom 5 has an advanced healing brush tool second to none. Unless you are working in layered images, Adobe Lightroom may be the only photo editor you will even need. The real beauty of Lightroom is that you can use this program to launch other photo editor and plug ins, such as onOne and Nik, right from the interface and have those images automatically imported back into your Lightroom catalog.


Before and after photoshop image

Before and after photoshop image


Want to create a book? Lightroom’s book module is awesome for creating photo book layouts that can be saved as a pdf or even exported directly into Blurb.

The print module in Lightroom is also superb. It takes all the guess work out of formatting, resolution and sizing issues.

I use the Creative Cloud version for photographers of Lightroom and Photoshop. That way I always have the latest software, plus I do not have to make a large cash outlay. All I do is pay $10 a month. It is the best investment you will make. I highly recommend it !



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